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About Us

Yarramanda Farm is our small farm dream realised. We, Aaron and Amanda Giason moved to this 2.5 acre block in 2016 with our two young children Ted and Will. Since then, we have setup an orchard and large vegetable garden. More recently we have established productive raised garden beds close to the house, which gives us herbs and a picking garden for everyday use. It's been a big learning curve for sure and every year presents different challenges, from a wet year (don't need to water, thank you Mother Nature) to drought (wild animals eating all the vegetables... hello orchard netting).  

We have a focus on sustainability and wherever possible we reuse and recycle or upcycle whatever is lying around. For example, we upcycled our woodshed (check out our Facebook and Instagram pages for more photos and stories about what we are up to at the moment). We use extensive amounts of mulch and massive amounts of composted animal manure.


Nothing from the kitchen goes to waste either, for example we make tomato powder from the discarded skins and seeds from the passata making process. All other kitchen scraps/trims from our small batch preserving processes stays on farm and is distributed to our worm farms and farm animals including chickens, ducks, sheep and dairy goats. 

On our farm we use organic in principle and permaculture practices... where appropriate.  For example, we pick off caterpillars from brassicas and feed them to our chickens and ducks. 

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